Drinking & Drowning

I try to run camera at all my shows. In case I come up with a new idea, to flesh out something I’ve been working on, or to capture any fun, random moments that may happen with the crowd. Last weekend in Virginia Beach there was a guy sitting up front who would smile after a joke he liked, but never laughed. So I decided to talk to him, and it led to me to a funny story I almost never tell. I hope you enjoy. And don’t feel guilty for laughing. Some stereotypes are really funny.

Cullen Jones and the brothas in the Coast Guard — see, some of us can swim

This has been a great week for the “Black People Who Can Swim Movement.” First Cullen Jones was part of the US Olympic Swim Relay Team that won gold in Beijing, and just last nite I met two (count ’em “2”) brothas who are in the Coast Guard when I did a benefit on the USCG base at Curtis Bay, MD — granted one of them told me he operated the base’s forklift, but I’m pretty sure that brotha can at least float. My joke about every Black person in America having a story about the time they almost drowned went over swimmingly. Tee hee ;)

The benefit was for a The Greater Baltimore Area Coast Guard Spouse Association, which operates a not-for-profit baby pantry that provides clothes, housewares, baby furniture and other baby items for Coast Guard families, USGC civilian workers, as well as those in other military branches. Nate’s Open Door Pantry was founded in 2005 and has provided free items to more than 400 families. It was a great event, and I was so happy to be a part of it. If y’all are reading this and can ever use me again, gimme a holler. I’d be more than happy to come back!