John Edwards, you ARE the father — let the hacky blog ensue


Soooo Johnny Boy, it’s time to lace up your track shoes and start practicing your high knees because you are well on your way towards doing short sprints around Maury Povich’s studio. I don’t know why we still get surprised when these politicians do dirt. They are human and just as likely — if not MORE likely — to do evil shit.

How awesome would it be if there was “a very special Maury” just for politicians and religious figures to determine paternity of alleged love children. John Edwards, Jesse Jackson, Jacques Chirac… It would be EN-TER-TAIN-ING!

Here’s a random sidebar b/c I’m a little loopy this afternoon. Do you think when women are being screened for the Maury show the producers make them take off their shoes and clock how fast they can run around the studio? Do you think that any women get denied for being too slow. Sorry Keisha, you *do* have 7 baby daddy’s but your “40” time is waaaaay to slow…

Exhale… I am so embarrassed that I typed this entry, but that’s not gonna stop me from posting it. And don’t judge me because you read it.

(Yes I am aware that is the wrong one)