The Book of Oprah

So… my mom has her cell phone hooked up via bluetooth thru the speakers in her car. But after learning about the No Phone Zone pledge and fearing the wrath of Oprah (as so many of us do) she called me to ask if it was still “OK” for her to use it.

“Oprah said we can’t hold the phone but she didn’t say we couldn’t talk into a speaker. That’s like talking to someone in the passenger seat. Oprah didn’t say we couldn’t talk people in the passenger seat, did she?”

Oh the hilarity… I laughed so hard.

But so many people I know have made the pledge not to text while driving, etc. because of Lady O. Just yesterday my best friend told me that whenever she’s driving in the car with her husband and she reaches for the phone he just says “Oprah” and she drops it like a hot potato. It’s kind of a shame that it took Oprah Winfrey telling us to for so many people to start obeying this law. I am (was) guilty of it myself. I spend a lot of time driving, but I have vowed to pull to the side of the road if there’s something I need to respond to immediately.

I don’t know what we’re gonna do when Oprah goes off the air… Who will encourage us to obey the law then? I shudder at the thought.

Oversleeping and Overalls

I know I’ve been a lazy blogger but the last two weeks have literally been a blur. After digging my car out of the remnants of Snowpocalypse 2010, I drove down a day early to Raleigh to make sure I didn’t miss my Bill Maher shows. On the Sunday morning after the special aired I drove from Raleigh to Altoona, PA for a Valentine’s Day show. Then on the 15th I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn and drove from Altoona to Baltimore so I could catch a flight to San Antonio. I was there for one night and the next morning had to fly to Atlanta.

Which brings me to the reason for this post. I overslept and missed my first flight into ATL and had to take a later flight. Then when I finally got into the ATL airport, the airtrain that takes you to the rental car facility was broken and I and about a hundred plus other people had to wait nearly 50 minutes to get to the facility.


All I wanted to do was get to a bed and I didn’t know if I was gonna even be able to stand on my feet any longer. But then I saw this:


The most awesome pair of Maurice Malone overalls ever stitched.

And my day was immediately brightened. These jeans gave me energy. Where did he find them? Or better yet, what made him keep them so long? And how does he access the goodies he puts in the pouch? Getting undressed to get to your cell phone seems a little inconvenient… I wondered (almost aloud — I was kinda delirious ;) whether the pouch on the back was considered an additional carry-on. ‘Cause somehow it doesn’t seem fair that he should be allowed that AND a laptop bag. I thought I would share so these jeans could brighten your day too.

You’re welcome.

Happy Birthday Bob

This is truly the intersection of genius.

Stevie Wonder singing Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song.’ I figured that having my favorite artist salute my other favorite artist (they’re tied for my affections) by covering one of his most important songs was a fitting way to honor his memory. Had he lived to see today, Bob Marley would have been 65 years old.

I remember how excited I was when I first bought this CD: Song Review: Greatest Hits and heard this remake. It’s at the very end of the second CD and it’s just perfect — the perfect way to do a remake. Because I believe that if you’re going to bother, you should take the song and make it your own somehow. What’s the point in singing someone’s song exactly how they did it? This is so rich and one of best remakes of a classic of ALL TIME — though I’m admittedly biased. :)

I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Birthday, Bob!

Another Snuggie convert

This one goes out to all of y’all who hate on my beloved Snuggie. Feel free to check out some of my other Snuggie posts

snug_blue snug_eagles

Anyway, I received the following e-mail on Facebook last nite. No further explanation needed. Read it and acknowledge the awesomeness of the Snuggie.

Please and thank you.

Click image to enlarge

I also would like to report that since my CVS blog I have brought a few people over from the drug store dark side to the light. I guess you could call me… a missionary of sorts.

You could also call me a few other things… but please, just not to my face. ;)

Sugar, water, and of course… purple

My friend Karriem posted the photo below on his Facebook page with the caption, “Sugar, water and of course, purple.”


It made me laugh out loud for a couple reasons. First, there’s the obvious Sunny D vs. purple stuff reference from the commercials.

But secondly the caption is from one of my favorite bits from Dave Chappelle’s last stand-up special. Even if you’ve seen it before it’s still hilarious I promise:

Oh man… that was some funny stuff. I can remember watching this special on my friend Nikia’s sofa when it first came out because I don’t have Showtime. I have it on CD but haven’t listened to it in years. This makes me wanna dig it out of the crates :)

Good times. THANKS Karriem!

Put on some damn pantyhose!

I didn’t think women were still “doing” knee highs and skirts.

This woman at Reagan National Airport proved me wrong.


Are you for real, lady?

Even if you hate pantyhose as I do, you just have to accept the fact that as a woman living in this society, you’re gonna have to wear things sometimes that aren’t comfortable. There is no excuse for this. I’m ashamed for her.

She was, however, sitting in first class.