OK… so today is the Eagles regular season home opener.

Opponent: St. Louis Rams

Game time: 1pm EST on FOX

This will be the first week of the Happy Eagles/Sad Eagles Chronicles. After each regular season game, I will post an entry with one of the photos below, based on the final score. Don’t be jealous of my personally engraved Eagles dog tags…

eagles_yay_small.gif eagles_boo_small.gif

I hope I never have to use the photo on the right.

Whoever your team is, I hope you’re enjoying the fact that football is back! And if you’re not a football fan and you’re married to or involved with one, I hope you’re enjoying your free time ;)

Happy Sunday,


T Minus 2 Weeks to Eagles training camp


Camp begins two weeks from today.

As always I am hopeful, but I wouldn’t be a true Philly fan if I didn’t express at least a little skepticism. Planning to trip up on the 27th to catch a practice. Want to see Asante in that defense so I know how excited to get (or not to get) about the upcoming season. It’s crazy how you can have such strong feelings against a player when he’s on a rival team (Screw Asante Samuel!!!), but be so excited once he’s traded to your squad (Yo, you hear we picked up Asante Samuel???). At least we don’t have to worry about him intercepting Donovan or A.J. this season.

So excited! THIS year IS next year!!! Maybe ;)