I think I found the gay saturation point

I never thought I’d say this… but I think I may be breaking up with Samwell — or at least taking a second gay YouTube dance music boyfriend. Thanks to Leon over at ListenToLeon.net, I’ve found the new amor de mi vida: Mr. Jonny McGovern. Not sure if it’s better than “What, What” — or is it worse? Either way, I dare you to find a YouTube video gayer than this one. Of the 4 people I’ve sent it to so far, none has gotten beyond :57 seconds of this video. Or at least that’s all they’ve been willing to admit… ;)

WARNING: This video is NSFW. It’s also NSFPeople with no sense of humor.

Best TV theme song ever!

I don’t know how many of y’all would remember this theme song… Shoot, I doubt most of you even remember the show, but Damon Wayans had a TV show about 10 years ago called “Damon” and he was a detective… Yeah. I’m sure it didn’t even last an entire season. But it had the best theme song ever for a TV show ever. And every now and then it pops into my head… I was trying to get my boy to remember it but he didn’t… So I dug and dug and found it online.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the theme song to “Damon” as voiced by the lovely and talented Ms. Erykah Badu:

LISTEN: “Damon” theme song

And yes, in case there’s any confusion… the lyrics to that song were: It’s Damon’s show. It’s not your show. It’s Damon’s show.

HA! Now get up off the floor. Damn I love the Internet.

NACA, Please — a photo essay

Yay! So I just got home from the National Convention for the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) in Nashville, TN. It was held at the convention center in the Opryland Hotel so that’s where we stayed. It’s HUGE and gorgeous… Easy to forget you’re actually inside.

One of the many walkways I got lost on...

One of the many walkways where I got lost this weekend...

The waterfalls -- inside the hotel

The waterfalls -- inside the hotel

The whole deal with the entertainment portion of the NACA convention is that campus activity boards and their advisors from colleges all across the country come and watch bands, poets, comics, motivational speakers showcase and then they choose which acts they want to come and perform at their schools. There are several regional conventions in addition to the National. I was selected to perform as an individual showcase and I’m part of the NBC Diversity package as well. College dates are how a lot of comics fill their calendars — and pay their bills. So I was super grateful to be invited. It’s pretty competitive.

The booth

The Sophie K. booth

The "K" team -- Meg, my agent Kate, and Bridget

The "K" team -- Meg, my agent Kate, and Bridget

This is the booth for my college agency, Sophie K. Entertainment. After our performances, we come back to the booth to meet the students and [hopefully] contract show dates.

No really, who said it? -- Me and the hilarious Michelle Buteau

I didn't say it...

This is me and Michelle Buteau. Hilarious comic, super cool lady. Check her out… Michelle is a NACA pro. I was trying to learn the game thru osmosis… Continue reading →

I’m on FACEBOOK now — come join me! & Happy Birthday Beckie!

Hey there you guys!

In my continual attempt to become medium-tech by 2009, I have upgraded from MySpace to Facebook. I’ll still maintain my MySpace page, but I created a fan/celeb page on Facebook just last nite and I’d love it if those of y’all on FB would join me there! It’s way easier to communicate. Plus I was told that being 30 and having only the MySpage page was no longer cool ;)

Here’s the link:

Join me on Facebook!!!


Yo, I’ll trade you my Jeter for that Obama

OK, so this isn’t news, because it isn’t new… But I meant to post on this a while back. I bookmarked the pages and then forgot all about it, so here goes catching up. Upper Deck did a series of trading cards for all the presidential candidates during the primaries. Here are a few in case you haven’t seen them:

obama_dye800x560.jpg mccain_williams800x560.jpg

edwards_graham800x560.jpg rudy_maier800x560.jpg

They’re really good — based on classic baseball trading cards — or so I’m told ;) They did John Edwards and Guiliani — two people who I almost forgot even ran for president this year. But I just realized there’s no Hillary. Hmmm… But what I hadn’t seen and came across today — hence the reason for this blog — was the card that came out after the election. Below is I guess what would be Obama’s rookie card.


Again I think it’s very cool collectors item. Politics and sports are two of my favorite things (check this link if you haven’t seen it). And any combination of the two is a winner in my book. ;) I can’t hate on this one. ;)

Manana on Bob and Tom


Hey y’all, If you’re in a Bob & Tom radio market, tune in during tomorrow morning’s show. I’ll be on with Bob, Tom, Chick & Kristi for big fun. I’ll have to dig up the clips from the last time I did the show and post them. We had a ball. I made Tom spit tea thru his nose. Of course it’s radio so you can’t see that. But you can totally hear it. ;)

The cool thing now is that they videotape and air the Bob & Tom shows on TV on WGN each nite at midnite. I’m not sure if shows air the same nite or the next nite or what… but I’ll let you know what my sleuthing uncovers so we can all tune in. I’m definitely not complaining… but radio was the last bastion of “it-doesn’t-matter-what-you-look-like-ness” in the world of entertainment. Now you gotta actually brush your hair and look presentable for radio. What is the world coming to? ;)

Bob and Tom site: http://www.bobandtom.com

Eater SF — Hilarious!!!


Ok, so if yesterday was a blah day, this totally makes up for it. Check out the mention and link to this blog in the Eater SF’s coverage of Top Chef’s Jamie Lauren… Click to enlarge the image — it’s the third link down ;)

Also, in case you were interested in an update, we caught up on Facebook, so my stalking paid off ;) How cool is the Internet?!? ;)


Top Chef 5: OMG!

OK, so clearly I’m a little behind on this season of Top Chef. Thank you Bravo for today’s mini marathon! Because I saw that one of my old summer camp buddies, Jamie Lauren, is one of the contestants! What?!?!?

Not sure if she’ll remember me — I haven’t spoken to her in I’m sure 14 or 15 years or so, but Jamie and I both spent summers in Kezar Falls, ME at Maine Teen Camp as kids. MTC was an awesome place — an international sleep away camp where kids from all over the world came and participated in all types of activities, arts & crafts and just learned about people from other cultures. I know my parents really stretched to be able to send me there. But my mom saw the camp advertised in a newspaper or a magazine or something and said to herself that she had to send me. The first year I was soooooo not trying to stay. They took me up there to the middle of nowhere and I was like “UN-UH… No really is there one other black person here? For real.” But they left me. And I was miserable… Until I realized that I could be friends with anyone there. I don’t mean this to sound offensive, but Jamie was the coolest White girl I had ever met — sorry I can’t think of a more PC way to say that. She and another girl called Heather were probably my closest friends that first summer.

I would post old photos of us, but that would probably make me seem like a stalker. Plus she looks exactly the same as she did when we were 13 & 14 and… well, I don’t ;) Hahaha… Wish I knew how to get in touch with her. I’m totally gonna see if she’s on Facebook or something. Yeah… I don’t sound like a stalker at all.

Hope she wins the whole thing. Go Jamie!