My first fragrance

Me and Stace

Me and Stace

Tonight my friend Stacey and I attended a workshop on how to make organic body scrubs and lotions. It was held at Greater Goods DC and was taught by the super cute Kristina Libby who owns an organic body and skin care line called For the Love of… (also here) Besides being a super fun nite out, half the proceeds of the class go to Susan G. Komen Foundation. Kristina donates a portion of the proceeds of all her sales to a different women’s charity each month. How much do you heart her?



All that said, when Kristina was talking about all the yucky products and toxins we put into and on our bodies on a daily basis, I felt like that sinner in church — that Christmas-and-Easter-only-Christian — who feels like the pastor is preaching directly to them… I assumed that most of the other people there were also organically-minded, but I gotta admit that the “how to make your own lotion and body scrub” part was more appealing to me than the “organic” part. I respect people who care enough about their bodies and the earth to buy only green/organic products. But I haven’t yet jumped on that wagon. The organic eating might be more expensive but damn it if making my own skin and body care products wouldn’t save money. Equilibrium, people. Very appealing… Continue reading →

The form letter that made my day!

So, on a whim (and by “whim” I mean because I had absolutely nothing to do) I sent a link to my “Why I love CVS” video blog through the customer comments section of the CVS website. Yeah, I’m that lame. The following is the response I received this afternoon from them. Clearly it’s a form letter, but just the idea that someone who works in the CVS corporate office may be watching/have watched my video makes me tee hee ;)


I love this.

Some free Extra Care Bucks or some coupons would have been nice too… but I ain’t complainin’.

Fashion Show

Nah, this blog isn’t about that awful new show on Bravo. It’s about the personal fashion show I just had for myself.

As you know I’ve been pretty serious about operation GF’09. I don’t (and will never) own a scale and since there are so few people I see on a regular basis, there’s been no one to really let me know if it was working. Sure I could kinda tell my clothes fit a bit differently but I just chalked it up to not remembering clearly how things used to fit, or that I might have been bloated the last time I wore something…

But yesterday I saw a photo of myself and thought, wow, someone caught me at a flattering angle… And then I saw another one… and another, and I thought, “Hey, I wonder if I’ve dropped a few pounds.” So I pulled out a pair of pants I love and haven’t been able to wear for a while just to see how far away I was from getting back in them… and they fit.

So I tried on a jacket I love that was kind of snug. And then my fave black dress… And before I knew it, I was having a full-fledged fashion show for one! I’m so happy to know that what I’ve been doing is working, but it also so frustrating to be back here again. About 5 years ago I lost 45 pounds. Kept it off for about a year and then slowly began to gain it back. I blame comedy — my jokes are packed with carbohydrates ;) I want to promise myself that once I reach my goal I won’t ever do this again. But I’m kind of afraid to because I did that the last time. So instead I’m just gonna promise to remember how hard (and unnecessary) it’s been to do it all over again.

At least my little fashion show encouraged me to keep going.

GF’09 FOREVER!!! Ok, well maybe not forever ;)

Put on some damn pantyhose!

I didn’t think women were still “doing” knee highs and skirts.

This woman at Reagan National Airport proved me wrong.


Are you for real, lady?

Even if you hate pantyhose as I do, you just have to accept the fact that as a woman living in this society, you’re gonna have to wear things sometimes that aren’t comfortable. There is no excuse for this. I’m ashamed for her.

She was, however, sitting in first class.


A bonus b-day gift

That's me in the corner... That's me in the spotlight ;)

That's me in the corner... That's me in the spotlight... Sing along, y'all ;)

In addition to the $31 check from my mom and two days worth of flu-like symptoms, I got another bonus b-day treat courtesy of the folks at the WaPo Express. They picked up my birthday blog in the March 25th edition of Blog Log.

Pretty cool. I guess people do read this thing ;) Tee hee ;)

Thanks for letting me know about this Leon!