Fun-nest interview ever

OK so this is super cute:
I’m working with a HS freshman who had to do a research project on a career she’s interested in and she contacted me because she wants to be a comic. That’s her on the right. Her name is Kate. I’ve e-mailed back and forth with her mom several times and she’s so supportive! Kate had to do a live interview as part of her project so instead of just meeting at a Starbucks or something I thought it might be cool for her to do it at a comedy club. So I invited her and her mom to meet me at the Improv last nite before my show. They were both so cute and excited. It really made my nite, and it made me really think about why I do what I do and how much I love it. I talk a lot. Hope I didn’t ramble too much. ;)

I really enjoyed helping out with the project and I hope she gets a good grade. I’ve never been the subject of a research project before, but I’ll tell you this: I was way more intrigued by a mom who supports her 15-year old’s desire to become a comedian than they could possibly have been by anything I said. I feel like I should have been doing a book report on her! I may e-mail her my mom’s phone number…

Good luck, Kate! Stay in touch!!!

Bob & Tom, Big 10 and Broken Feet

I’m back in Indianapolis this week at Crackers Comedy Club. And while I always have fun in Indy, some of you may remember that the last time I was here, it ended pretty badly. My foot has healed nicely so I’m planning to push my luck and go ice skating tomorrow — what could go wrong?

I got the opportunity to do The Bob & Tom Show again this morning.

It’s been over a year since I was last there and I’d been itching to get back. Bob and Tom is just one of the best nationwide promotional vehicles there is for comedians. And we had tons o’ fun this morning. Also in studio this morning were Dan Cummins, Nikki Glaser, Gabe Kea, Mark Viera, and the AWESOME Kevin Smith! I’ll try and post the audio if I can over the weekend.

I’m trying to see if I can magically score some tickets to one of the Big Ten tourney games. I keep asking from the stage, but I haven’t gotten a bite yet. I’ll keep working on it. Talk to y’all soon!

Black Girls Rock!

Hell Yeah We Do!!!

And this black girl just snagged a gig as the warm-up comedian for the BET Black Girls Rock! Awards taping October 16 in NYC at the Paradise Theater. If you’re not familiar with DJ Beverly Bond and BGR!, click here to learn about who they are and what they do. It’s a fantastic organization. Seriously, Google them. There’s also a great video featuring Beverly on the homepage of the BGR! website. This will be the 5th year of the awards but the first year of partnership with BET. Honorees include Raven Symone, KeKe Palmer, Missy Elliott, and the incomparable Ruby Dee. And word is, there are some big time performances too! Super excited and so proud to be a part of this event!

The show will air on BET November 7 at 8/7c.

Niagara (it sounds way too much like that other word for my liking) Falls

Man what a weekend! On Friday nite I drove up to Syracuse, NY for what turned out to be the best college show I have EVER had EVER. It was a happy hour show. There was wine and food and everyone was over 21. Thanks so much SUNY Upstate Medical for being so awesome!

I woke up feeling so good on Saturday morning that I decided to get up and drive 2.5 hours further upstate to visit Niagara Falls. I had never been — well not that I remember, my mom says she took me when I was a baby — and I figured why not; I didn’t have anything else to do!

This used to be my favorite sign…

But now it’s this one.

When you go to a place like Niagara Falls by yourself, the photos you’re able to take with you in them are slightly less awesome than they would be if you had friends… It took me like 5 tries to get this angle right — thus the face.

Beautiful, huh?

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Lenny Kravitz Swoon x 2

Earlier today on my Facebook page I posted this video:

“With my head held handsome” is probably my favorite line in this sketch. Hilarious every single time I watch it — not to mention all the yummy eye candy. Lenny Kravitz especially! In addition to being talented and gorgeous, he’s hilarious in this too. ;) Well, in the comments under the video my friend Jessica told me about a video she had just seen of Lenny Kravitz crashing a choir concert in Louisiana, so I Googled and found it. And it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen a celebrity do in a really, really long time.

He made those kids’ day! And you could tell it was completely spontaneous. He was super humble and seemed to be appreciative of them for playing his music. I love to see folks who’ve made it big but are still just normal.

This made my day too.

Motown, Old Roomies and a Star Wars Wedding

I just got back from Detroit (well the Detroit area) where I worked at Joey’s Comedy Club in Livonia, MI. Worked with two great guys, the very funny Johnny Beehner out of Milwaukee and Ed Buehner who was based out of the Detroit metro.

I visited the Motown Museum.


It was AWESOME. So much history in such a small space. I can’t believe I was standing in the studio where Stevie and The Temptations and The Four Tops andร‚ย  Marvin Gaye and Smokey and Edwin Starr, etc. recorded so much awesome music. No photos are allowed inside, but that’s OK. I remember it all. There was also a great movie they showed there. Way too many people at the shows this weekend said they’d never been. I couldn’t believe it.


At our Thursday show we met a young lady named Grace (above) who was having her bachelorette party at the club.ร‚ย  Her wedding was Saturday and after the show she told me that she and her fiancee were having a Star Wars wedding, where they and their guests would dress in costumes from the movies. I immediately began to picture her in the Princess Leia white robe-y costume — but NOPE! Continue reading →

Mr. Maher and Me — a photo essay


So I just got home from a road trip which covered several events and cities, not the least of which was my visit to Raleigh, NC to open for Bill Maher at the tapings for his latest HBO special. The photo above is me in Raleigh on my way from the hotel to the Progress Energy Center — the venue for the shows. Yaaaaay!


The venue was gorgeous and seated about 2,300.


By far the largest venue I’ve ever performed in, it was imposing while it was empty. You can’t even see the wings to the left and right. When it was full it was one of the best feelings in the world. When I walked out on stage I actually closed my eyes for a few seconds and imagined all the people were there to see me… Some day I hope. The HBO folks were nice enough to make me a recording of one of the shows. They edited it multi-camera as if it were my special too. It looks awesome. Clips to come for sure.

02122010_44 02132010_50

These ladies were the models underneath the burkas in the fashion show at the end of the special.


And this is me with the man.

We chatted maybe once or twice but being the huge fan that I am, it was certainly enough. I know how I can be before just before I get up at a regular show. I can only imagine the adrenaline, excitement, and even nerves that must be stirring when you’re taping a live HBO special. He was very nice. I’ve been going through a really tough time these past few months. And when I got home last nite I rushed to download these photos because I needed to remind myself why I sacrifice to do what I do. It’s almost like each of them is saying, “Hey, EJ don’t be discouraged. Look at all the wonderful opportunities you’ve been blessed with. And look what’s possible if you continue to work hard.”

Exactly what I needed. Have a great week, guys.