Motown, Old Roomies and a Star Wars Wedding

I just got back from Detroit (well the Detroit area) where I worked at Joey’s Comedy Club in Livonia, MI. Worked with two great guys, the very funny Johnny Beehner out of Milwaukee and Ed Buehner who was based out of the Detroit metro.

I visited the Motown Museum.


It was AWESOME. So much history in such a small space. I can’t believe I was standing in the studio where Stevie and The Temptations and The Four Tops and  Marvin Gaye and Smokey and Edwin Starr, etc. recorded so much awesome music. No photos are allowed inside, but that’s OK. I remember it all. There was also a great movie they showed there. Way too many people at the shows this weekend said they’d never been. I couldn’t believe it.


At our Thursday show we met a young lady named Grace (above) who was having her bachelorette party at the club.  Her wedding was Saturday and after the show she told me that she and her fiancee were having a Star Wars wedding, where they and their guests would dress in costumes from the movies. I immediately began to picture her in the Princess Leia white robe-y costume — but NOPE! Continue reading →

Me In Your City: Reno/Virginia City, NV

Check out my latest Me In Your City video. It features me and buddy Drake Witham during our week working out in Reno, NV. We visited the old west, toured a gold mine, and kicked it in Mark Twain’s bathroom. It was my first time in Reno and I kinda expected it to be more like Vegas…

But ummmm… no. Hahaha. If you’ve been to Reno you know what I mean. ;) Well I hope you enjoy the video!

I told jokes in a dress


For the first time ever.

A little awkward at first but not too, too bad. I’m always complaining I don’t have anything to get dressed up for, but I was thinking more along the lines of party or gala or something. Comfort onstage is one of the most important factors in putting on a good show, and I just feel more like the ‘comedian’ me in a pair of slacks or jeans. This was a swanky corporate-y gig so I didn’t really have that option. I’m pretty sure this was the first and last (for a while, at least) time I’ll be doing this so I wanted to post.

Mainly because it will make my mom happy. ;)

Thank you, Corning. It was nice to finally meet you!


Over the weekend I had a show in Mansfield, PA but I stayed in a hotel about 30 minutes away in Corning, NY. It was my first time in Corning, although my father worked for Corning Glass Works / Corning Incorporated for over 30 years. My mother has never been, which is really amazing considering how fanatical my dad was/is about Corning products. I remember he once threw away a set of glass measuring cups my mom bought because they weren’t Pyrex. “Corning paid for the food you’re gonna cook with those, right?…” And once, back when southwestern style dishes were really the hotness, I bought a set of Mesa dinnerware and he made me return it.

But I digress…

He was always in Corning, and he’d always say that I should visit the Corning Museum of Glass… So after all these years, I couldn’t leave without visiting the CMOG.


“WOW” is all I can say. Some of the most gorgeous pieces I’ve ever seen. Here are a few of my faves:




My friend Jessica said that the piece above looked like Kristoff St. John of Young and the Restless fame. Haha… I had to Google for an old photo (this is him from an episode of The Cosby Show) and she is 100% right. Too too funny!

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