“T-1-shur… Rah here, rah here…”

Me and my two girlfriends Angi and Jennifer were walking around the inner harbor in Baltimore this weekend before the Stevie Wonder show — yes the ticket man did come thru and yes it was the best show I’ve ever been to ever, forever… but more about that later…

This dude was walking back and forth along the pier yelling “T-1-shur, T-1-shur” over and over. My girls had no idea what dude was talking about, but after like the second or third time he said it, I realized old boy was selling:

Stevie – (T)

Wonder – (1)

Shirts… – (shur)

Bootleg souvenir t-shirts is what he was selling, but no one around us had a clue as to what he was talking about — and he was  pushing around a cart full of t-shirts. Yes, really. It may have been the worst rendition of the English language I’ve ever heard.

Below is a picture from the concert taken on a cell phone. I know its poor quality and you really can’t make out anything in it, but I promise you, it’s Stevie standing on top of a piano:

Anyone who knows me knows that seeing Stevie live has been a dream of mine forever. He hasn’t toured in over a decade and let me just say that I had the time of my life and I owe it all to…

Went to a luncheon this afternoon where Tim Russert was the featured speaker. It was awesome. I’m such a huge fan. I’m really tired. Good nite.

Blog A.D.D.

Vote yet? No? Then lets, get on it.  ziddio.com/thelucky21. Don’t read any further until you do. No really, vote first, then read…

OK, welcome back… and let me warn you, this blog is gonna go in several different directions. Please pardon my ADD. This weekend was a lot of fun. I did two private birthday parties — one on Friday, one on Saturday and I had so much fun. The party I did last nite, I wanted to join the family for real :) Sometimes when I accept private events I spend the whole time thinking, “Is this really worth the money?” and feeling out of place, but this weekend I really enjoyed myself.

I’m trying not to jinx myself because I don’t yet have the tickets in my hand, but I THINK I have tickets to see Stevie Wonder in Baltimore next weekend. He is my ABSOLUTE favorite and he’s doing a bunch of smaller venues on his tour. I’ll probably need medical attention if the ticket-man doesn’t come thru,  but I’m trying to be positive. I’ve been listening to nothing but Stevie on my iPod for the last few days, trying to get in game mode. Oh maaaan, are the people seated around me gonna hate me.

Maybe 5 or 6 years ago one of my cousins (the only person I know besides my mom and dad who actually has a will) asked me to be custodian of her son should anything ever happen to her and her husband — God forbid. YES, really :) I was nervous at first but I agreed because I love her and she explained that their insurance policy would really cover most of the extra expenses. She has since had another child. And we were talking on the phone yesterday and somehow got on the subject of me taking care of the kids… and I was like “kid(s)?” I didn’t agree to take care of you kid(s). I told her, I’ll take care of the one I signed on for but you’re gonna have to figure something else out for the baby. Has the insurance policy gotten any larger? No. Yeah, then I’m splitting them boys up… Moral of this story: If you’re ever asked to be guardian to someone’s child, be sure you get them to include a baby maximum or mandatory tube tying out clause. Oh who am I kidding, you don’t know anyone with a will either.

Vote or Die, Send me to Vegas and Super Secret Stand-up!

What a great week… and its only Wednesday! Monday I did absolutely nothing. It was fabulous… And last nite was the DC regional semifinal for the HBO Comedy Festival Lucky 21 Contest at the DC Improv. Good bud Vince Morris was down as well as a bunch of other really hilarious comics. Everyone did 5-6 minute sets — which are the great equalizer and now the decision of which 3 of us go to Vegas is up to internet voters. I had  a pretty good set. Can’t wait to see the tape. If you are reading this please, please, please visit  ziddio.com/thelucky21 and vote for me from Sept. 10 – 16.  Top 3 vote getters from each region get to go to Vegas… Help a sista out!!!

Tonite the Myspace.com Secret Standup Tour hit DC. It was also held at the DC Improv. I opened the show and the headliner was D.L. Hughley. Basically the first 285 people that got in line with printouts of their myspace profiles got in for free. And maaaan, if it wasn’t one of the best crowds I’ve ever performed for… The room was electric. It was amazing. Met the president of Myspace Comedy as well as a bunch of other folks. D.L. was great.  He watched my set and gave me some really awesome advice after the show. (See photo below — my eyes are closed as I am absorbing it all :) Many many thanks to Allyson and John and Red and Michelle and the staff at the Improv for all the love they always show me. This was an awesome nite.

Oh and BTW, did I tell you to vote Sept. 10-16 at ziddio.com/thelucky21? Yes? OK, then be sure to do it. I’m trying to go to Vegas y’all!