Thank you Trinishia

After reading this last post, my friend Trinishia pointed out that if I added the cost of the actual meal to the lockout fee, I actually paid $90.50. Trinishia is an accountant — and a bit of a comedian herself as you can see. Thanks for clearing that up Nishia.

Why I paid $85 for a cheeseburger…

So I’m driving down the NJ Turnpike… It’s snowing and I’m hungry, so I decide to pull off at a rest stop to grab something to eat. I run in to Burger King, get a cheeseburger, fries and drink, go back outside and realize I have locked my keys in the car. I don’t panic right away cuz I’m at a rest stop, right? I can just go over to the garage and ask for some help… So I do that, but these geniuses tell me that they can only open my door if there is a child locked inside. REALLY?… So let me get this straight… You have the tool you need to open my door, but I am being punished because I wasn’t stupid enough to lock my child inside a car in the middle of a snowstorm?… That is FABULOUS… Incidentally, if there had been a child in the car, I’m pretty sure he or she would have opened the door for me. But I digress… I call a towing/lockout company and when the guy gets there he tells me it’s gonna cost $85… and then proceeds to walk all the way around the car and say, “Damn, not one of your windows is rolled down?” Again, REALLY? It’s SNOWING, dude. Do most people ride around with their windows down in the snow? And if one of the windows was down, would I have called you?… Just jimmy the lock you idiot so I can get back on the road.

Most expensive damn cheeseburger I ever ate.